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Keep your pilot knowledge sharp and prepare for that important test, checkride or interview with this useful study aid.

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Flashcard Study Guides help pilots develop and maintain the solid core knowledge of the rules and regulations that are a part of their daily life. Designed to be easy to pack and carry, the flashcards provide pertinent regulatory questions with detailed answers and references for further study.

These new card sets are updated to include the latest rules and operating procedures as well as Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft questions. The FAR Flashcards set provides 104 practice questions from FAR Parts 1, 61, and 91.

Written by airline pilot instructor and author Ron McElroy, the flashcards are especially helpful for those operating as an ATP. Printed on playing card stock with questions on one side and answers on the other.

104 flashcards. Comes in clear acrylic box.

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